Marnie gathers the girls in the Hamptons for a weekend away where everyone is meant to heal. Alcohol had other plans.

By far the best episode this season, all the girls got to air their grievances with each other while creating new wounds. Shoshanna was a surprising  presence with her truth-bombs.

Let’s go back to the start before all the girls said everything we’ve been thinking this whole time. Marnie sets out name-cards in the respective bedrooms for each visitor, because it’s Marnie, what do you expect?

It was nice to see the girls having fun with one another as it has been a long time since they’ve all enjoyed each other’s company. I knew this could not last long because this is not the show to entertain such moments longer than a hot minute.


Elijah turned up with his band of merry stereotypes and ruined Marnie’s plans. Alcohol was thrown into the mix and Marnie and Hannah shared a short but sweet reconciliation which meant absolutely nothing as both were intoxicated and still clearly lying to each other.


You could tell everything was going to go to shit when Marnie wasn’t having any of the intruders. Strange thing I noticed, everyone was skinny dipping except Hannah, who is usually the least conservative. Everyone managed to butt heads with Marnie during dinner before everyone came together to join in on a choreographed routine by one of Elijah’s friends we’ll never see again.

There were enough entertaining moments that kept the episode’s momentum going till the big fight; Jessa hitting on Elijah’s clearly gay friend, the local store’s no barefoot policy and apparently Charlie‘s issues are way more complicated due to the fact he dated Marnie (HA!), I don’t care for Elijah, but that was a great burn.


The fight was a great moment that I feel as viewers we have been waiting in anticipation for. Not since Hannah attacking Marnie last season for her and Elijah’s momentary fling have we had this type of fire alive in the girls. The fight! Shoshanna called Hannah a ‘fucking narcissist’ and is sick of being treated like a ‘fucking cab driver’, you go Shosh! Marnie was burned by Shoshanna when she let loose that Marnie is ‘tortured by self-doubt and fear’ which was really ‘fucking mean’ according to Hannah and Marnie. Hannah thinks Shoshanna is ‘un-stimulating’ but that doesn’t matter to Shosh because she doesn’t believe they are in a ‘fucking Jane Austen novel’. I loved Shoshanna during all of this if you can’t tell.


The final blow is delivered by Marnie who tells Hannah she can’t lower her expectations for her any further which has all the girls running off to take shelter. The rest of the episode plays out beautifully with the girls cleaning the holiday house while not speaking. The episode ends on a somewhat bright note although we all know the girls are most likely dormant until their next opportunity to let loose. The group joining in together and dancing gives a sign of hope but not one I see presenting itself before the season’s end.


Words by Dan