Can we all just dwell on the fact that during Jessa‘s younger years, her best friend pretended she died to get away from her…just let that sink in. Also Hannah is an amazingly cold creature.

I’ll start by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with Hannah being a cold creature. Her editor who last episode, confirmed he is the asshole we (or I) thought he was all along when he made poor Ray bleed. Although if I knew Ray would have a soul patch this week, I would have been much more supportive of a brutal beatdown. The death of Hannah’s editor results in Adam trying to force Hannah to feel the way he feels when he loses someone because Hannah appears more concerned about her e-book. Adam is so dramatic to point out that if Hannah died, he would be in a blur, he wouldn’t know what a tree was. Sometimes Adam is a gift needed to put these other characters in their place, sometimes he is just too much. He is too much in this episode. People can feel how they want to feel, if their way is selfish, let it go.


I have finally moved passed the stage of irrational hate for Marnie and come around to the fact that she is actually hilarious in her pathetic-ness. Inspirational voices coaching her while making herself a post-workout smoothie, suit this picture perfectly. The fact she quit her job at the cafe leads me to believe she may have just fooled herself into thinking she can take on the world again. I can’t wait to see what whacky hijinks Marnie 2.0 will get up to next week.


After all this talk of death and bandana collections, Shoshanna and Jessa (remember they are cousins, right?) reminisce on friends who have passed away. Shoshanna’s friend Kelly died in a car accident and Jessa’s friend, Season, faked her own death so she didn’t have to see Jessa again. No seriously, that happened. When I couldn’t get past what a horrible person Jessa was and I was getting so angry at Hannah for not ditching her long ago, this bright illuminating star named Season swept in and shone a light on the truth, that Jessa in an irreparable asshole that is so painful, that faking your own death is a better option than being her friend. Thank you Season. I feel Jessa still didn’t learn a thing, but I’m not surprised by her wall she consistently puts up every week, so let her be.


The episode comes back around to Hannah with Caroline and Councilman Jam and their amazing idea to go play in the cemetery and talk about dealing with death, because this is some really cliche indie film that didn’t make it into Sundance. I found Caroline’s story about her cousin with muscle dystrophy so painful before realising it was all a joke and sighing with relief. The most amazing thing about this scenario is that Hannah approaches sullen Adam on the steps of their apartment and repeats Caroline’s tragic story back at Adam, inserting herself into the narrative and feigning emotion. All the while Hannah is lying to her boyfriend about actually having feelings of sadness because apparently she can’t connect with her own.

This was an improvement on last week and Hannah is getting some interesting things to do. If I don’t have to see Gaby Hoffman do another cartwheel through a cemtery I’ll be a happy man.


Words by Dan