So if Adam isn’t weird enough for you, we meet his sister this week who is some new level crazy shit. It also happens to be Hannah‘s birthday.

This whole episode reminded me of one of those nights out where you head out on the town for a good friend’s birthday and someone at work on a Monday asks you how your weekend was and you say, “Alright, nothing special”.


There is nothing insanely memorable about this episode. The only interesting aspect of the entire episode happened to be Adam‘s eccentric sibling, Caroline played by Gaby Hoffmann. This whirlwind psycho who literally bites people looks like she is hanging around for another week so hopefully we get a little more insight into why she smashes glasses in the palm of her hand and doesn’t care for wearing pants. The whole character felt slightly contrived but since not a whole lot is happening with anyone else, it was a welcome bit of insane the episode needed.


Hannah is 25 and boring because she is in a stable relationship. I honestly don’t know what to say about the character after this episode, she didn’t have much to do other than be present at her own party. Does anyone get drunk besides Ray? I feel these twentysomethings could better spend their time drowning their sorrows in alcohol. Not that I’m advocating being an alcoholic but I feel it would be a much more of an accurate depiction of this generation.


Shoshanna and Ray have a brief encounter. Shoshanna’s booty call shows up to Hannah’s birthday and startles poor Ray and his drunk antics result in a fight with Hannah’s e-book publisher, who appears to be the most unbearable type of partier. I feel like it would be really interesting getting an insight into Shoshanna this season and find out how much she actually tries to construct her own image. Standing outside the window on her phone having a cigarette was a perfect attention seeking move, it would be great to see into that psyche.


Marnie is just laughable at this point, but I think that’s her purpose. The cringe-worthy video clip and the god awful karaoke is not doing herself any favours. The comic relief appears to have shifted from Shoshanna to Marnie this season as  I can no longer see her as a real person.

Oh Jessa was there. Did she say anything? I can’t remember. She probably eye-rolled or something.

I’m sad Adam didn’t have more to do other than be mad at his sister’s presence. But hopefully we will see more of a tumultuous dynamic next week when Caroline hangs out for a little while longer with a bandaged hand and all.


Words by Dan