REVIEW: ‘7 Days Later’ Episode 1


It’s a case of applauding the creators for the concept but not so much for the execution.

For anyone not familiar with the concept, the series creators crowdsource script ideas via Facebook, Twitter and Google Hangout, then set themselves the challenge of producing a ten minute piece of comedy that airs on ABC2 @ 9pm on Tuesdays.

The cast consists of mainly Australian Youtube stars, most notably, Bondi Hipsters, Christian Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier. The first episode boasts a guest appearance from Whose Line Is It Anyway? alumni, Colin Mochrie.

It’s interesting looking at this episode, ‘Drama Queen‘, as something self contained when it kind of feels like an off skit from an episode of a sketch series. The program has a similar air to The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting, which actually made it feel quite old. For a cast featuring such youthful and current voices, it’s sad that it felt quite dated, I can only assume it came down to Mochrie‘s presence and influence on the day of production that gave it this quality.


The characters were all a little overdramatic, I understood they are meant to be improvisers that take their career a little too seriously but it was just a little painful to watch. The whole robbery in the restaurant just felt like the writers wanted to amp up the short amount of time they had with something shocking, but unfortunately the attention paid to the shock factor made the dialogue suffer for the most part and we lost the potential laughs there.

Looking beyond this pilot of sorts, the show’s platform has the potential to really generate some interesting concepts and give the cast something a little more on the pulse to work with. Something that is solely generated by an online community should really try and lend itself to subject matter relevant to its audience. The title is hashtag for god sake #7DaysLater.

I’m optimistic. Let’s hope next week’s episode can find its feet a little better. Let’s also hope their marketing team can figure out how to spell premieres* (refer to poster at the top).

Here’s the full episode below.

Words by Dan