LISTEN UP: Weekend Playlist (12/10/13)


The Orwells are a Chicago-based rock outfit who recently graduated from high-school, and it is their 2012 debut album Remember When which makes up this Weekend Playlist.

Now please know, I am not being lazy refusing to look for a bunch of artists and kinds of music, I actually wholly and completely adore this album. When I first heard it I was blown away by the maturity of sounds and the succinct point of view on display.

There have been times in my life where I have seen a film or TV show or art, read a book or heard an album that I so completely gave myself over to; that I felt spoke to me, or saw something in this world that I see. These are moments of great pleasure. This is a reason why I indulge the arts, and really one of the reason why I wanted to start the website you are reading. When I get this kind of feeling the only thing I want to do is tell people about it and give people the opportunity to be taken by the same feeling.

So please give this spectacular album a listen. All I hope is that you can at least feel a morsel of what I have.

Buy The Orwells Remember When