URBAN KICK: War Is Over! (If You Want it) YOKO ONO

Yoko_Ono the war is over (if you want it) mca

YOKO ONO will be coming to Australia in the form of her MCA housed exhibition War Is Over! (If You Want it). 

The MCA premises Ono’s show: Famously described by John Lennon as ‘the world’s most famous unknown artist’, Ono is now recognised as an innovative artist whose work traverses generations. From the personal to the political, Ono has embraced themes of loss, conflict, humanity, and the desire for world peace through her art.

Ono’s activities have become increasingly more publicised in recent years with her art and music work continuing to receive a lot of critical attention an analysis. Recently, Ono even performed her track ‘Cheshire Cat Cry’ on Letterman with the assistance of over ever present son Sean Lennon but also The Flaming Lips, because… well, why not?

War Is Over! (If You Want it): Yoko Ono will be on display from 15 November 2013-23 February 2014.

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