UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN: Episode 3 & 4 Review


UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN is the funniest Australian comedy on TV right now (not that we have much of a selection), with a great cast and a fresh narrative it’s disappointing that the life of the show relies wholly on Annie Maynard‘s performance.

I really do enjoy this series but I think I’m still waiting for it to reach its full potential. Bess and Amber are the standout characters. Bess is the comic relief in almost every situation, where hot-headed Amber is grounded through her relationship troubles with both her ex and coming to accept Bess. Together they are a powerhouse, I really enjoyed both characters racing out of the car park at the end of episode three.


I’m still waiting for Julie and Wayne to have their moment. Glenn Robbins is a great physical comic, it would be fun to see Wayne show a different side rather than the supportive husband/father and get a few laughs in the process.


The series is doing a great job at a realistic approach to the families moulding together rather than forcing the characters into each others lives. The garage sale was a smart move to bring together the whole family, the fight between Julie and Margaret was inevitable but I’m happy it was resolved to let tension arise between the family in some other form in future episodes.

We’re halfway through the season and I’m sure there’s plenty left on offer. I’m actually intrigued by the relationship brewing between Edwina and her cousin, Shawn, so I’m looking forward to see how this develops.

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Words by Dan