WONDERLAND: Episode Two Review

wonderland_brooke_satchwell_dinnerWe’re back to the ‘Wonderland’ apartment block this week and I wish this is where we started from. The series has significantly improved since the premiere last week but it’s still not without its issues.

Oh how I wish that wedding never took place last week. I could have watched this week untainted, luckily only a few issues carried over. Steve, Rob and Carlos still haven’t been explored beyond the surface level of nice guy and flirt in Carlos’ case.


I enjoyed learning more about Miranda this week. She isn’t naive about the fact that starting a career in photography could be ill-conceived. She has a realistic attitude towards her ambitions and I felt like it grounded her character. Rather than living this entitled life and being able to treat her photography as a hobby, Miranda is attempting to invest herself and isn’t letting Tom distract her. I also hope to god we never have to see Harry again as some hipster weirdo neighbour was just a little too sitcom and useless.


My main reason I enjoy Miranda is that she is probably the most positive female role model on the show at this point. Dani, who last week I thought was unlikable made it clear this week, she is not meant to be liked. She is self-involved, had no time for Colette’s problems and spent the entire episode complaining about a wedding gift she didn’t receive. Grace is so neurotic and apparently unstable that she can’t get through an interview without replaying last week’s sex scene over and over on top of that, Grace flees through the back of a coffee shop and climbs a fence to avoid her recent fling. Also Kristen made a brief appearance to reinforce her hysteria which featured heavily last week.

I’m hoping we see some development with the male characters over the next few episodes otherwise the series will come across as a bunch of carefree men living in an apartment building with these outrageous and over-emotional women.


Talking about emotion, performance of the week must go to Colette (Emma Lung), the scene on the bathroom floor was quite powerful and was a welcome change to the fluffiness of the series so far. The confusingly edited coffee shop scene had me thinking she had some traumatic experience with coffee. The shots tended to focus on an ‘intense’ coffee making process more than the man making the coffee who was obviously the subject of the affair which will most likely be revealed in next week’s episode.

I’m optimistic with the series moving forward from this point, there’s still slight improvements to be made but nothing that can’t be fixed along the way.

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Words by Dan