UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN: Episode Two Review


The second episode is always a struggle for most comedies, UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN introduced many elements in the premiere and is forced to find its feet in the follow up. Thankfully, Upper Middle Bogan is still laugh-out-loud funny thanks to Annie Maynard’s, Bess, carrying this episode.


It’s difficult with such a large ensemble to give each character a reasonable amount of air-time. I’m happy the writing is pushing Bess front and centre as the actress is not only a great physical comedian but her character is extremely likeable. Pairing Bess and fiery Amber (Michala Banas) was a smart move and although it was short and sweet, I look forward to more moments this unlikely duo will share.


Glenn Robbins and Robyn Malcolm were a little underused this week but I’ll be happy if each episode doesn’t force too much of every character on us and they are all given time in the spotlight throughout the series. I’m still very confused about how successful the Wheeler family are at drag racing if the idea of a medical bill forces them to split it between multiple credit cards.

The only minor issue I have with the show is relegating some minor characters to fit stereotypes. The two daft sons, Kayne and Oscar as well as Brianna don’t offer much more than the odd joke at their expense. If these moments are few and far between I don’t think it will be an issue.


My favourite moments in this episode revolves around Bess’ therapy sessions. The opening dream sequence where Bess rips into her mother who is present in the room was priceless. The later session that took place in reality had some great moments, Bess drawing her feelings in a rage was hilarious, the fact her therapist deals primarily with children suits the character perfectly. (Did anyone else notice Australia’s version of Cam and Mitch from Modern Family walk out of the therapist’s office holding baby Lily? Or was that just me.)

The episode featured a simple premise with some entertaining moments. I think the series will continue to improve as we delve further into these character’s lives and new relationships form as worlds collide.

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Words by Dan