WONDERLAND: Premiere Review

wonderland_cast_premiereChannel Ten premiered its new Australian drama, WONDERLAND with a wedding that covered all the rom-com tropes that you could think of.  The series is a little too white and fluffy, it needs to roll around in the dirt if it’s going to survive.

I first need to start by saying that the program ended with a voiceover stating, “Australia is falling in love”. We only just saw it!

My main issue with the premiere is that we’ve been thrown into a monumental moment for two of these character’s lives and I know nothing about these people, should the viewer care? I didn’t. The bride, Dani (Jessica Tovey) didn’t even come across likeable and her husband was vacant of a personality beyond ‘nice guy’. I’m not expecting to immediately fall in love with these characters but I also don’t want to watch these intimate moments feeling absolutely nothing.

Another problem with the first episode is that we spend far too much time with Tom’s (Michael Dorman) soon to be ex. For a character the we will most likely never see again, she had more screen time than many of the other cast who were given nothing to do. All I know about Grace (Brooke Satchwell) is that she is single and horny, Carlos is the guy that gets with Grace and Colette and Rob attended the wedding.


The premise for the series still intrigues me. It sounds like a comedic approach to an Australian version of Melrose Place, hopefully with less cheese. Michael Dorman is a strong enough lead to help carry the show if the writing can veer away from his relationship problems as the driving force for his stories. I’m also interested to know more about Anna Bamford‘s, late-to-the-wedding, Miranda.

Wonderland has the opportunity to settle into its own groove now the drama will take place back in the apartment block. We might actually get to know these characters and start to care about them.


Catch up on the premiere here. New Episode Wednesday @ 8:30pm


Words by Dan