ABC launched two new Australian comedies Thursday night and UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN was the clear winner in the laughs with a talented cast and a sharp script.

I always find it difficult to judge a show based solely off its pilot episode as a lot of time is filled with unnecessary exposition to establish these brand new characters. Although the first episode had a few moments where a few lines felt forced, the majority of the conversation between characters felt like organic moments a family would have if they were put in this situation.


Annie Maynard is a sweet and lovable lead and although the neurotic  doctor role has been done to death both in Oz and overseas, the actress makes it bearable. The other positive feature of the series that makes me overlook the generic doctor role is that the bogan family are drag racers. I can’t remember a similar situation involving a dysfunctional family and drag racing since Ron Howard’s Parenthood (1989). I really enjoy a comedy a whole lot more when I feel like I’m watching something fresh.


Australia loves a bogan. Kath and KimWe Can Be Heroes/Angry Boys and Housos (not a personal favourite), we have had numerous Australian comedies over the years littered with these foul-mouthed and unfortunate characters. The challenge for Upper Middle Bogan will be to transcend the characters beyond their stereotypes and develop into something slightly more relatable, which I potentially see occurring with  Michala Banas’, Amber.

I appreciate the writers didn’t try to force the meeting of both the upper class and bogan family into the first episode, it gives the viewers something to look forward to next episode.

I’m optimistic looking ahead to the rest of the season, I have faith the cast will drive the series and the writing will settle into its own groove now the situation for the show has been established.


Catch up on the Series Premiere here. New Episode Thursday @ 8:30 ABC1

I’m giving the pilot three stars with a hopeful four stars as the series progresses forward.


Words by Dan