LISTEN UP! Greta Mob ‘Petite Bourgeois Blues’

greta mob live

Born out of globe-trotting and through reflecting on their home Australia, GRETA MOB are an independent band quietly making waves with their music that shines a light on notions of identity and place. Ideas that are most prevalent in song and video ‘Petite Bourgeois Blues.’

GRETA MOB are the kind of band who revel in their independence. Everything they do is DIY, be it their website, cover art or more importantly their music. GRETA MOB are hardly unique in this in this fact, but their independence becomes that much more notable given how strong their voice as a band is and how confident they put that vision forth. Just watch their video for ‘Petite Bourgeois Blues’ and it will be obvious, these guys have serious guts.

It’s no surprise then, that people have been taking notice, with none other than FBI RADIO listing GRETA MOB as their ‘Unsigned Artist Of The M0nth’ for June. No doubt a solid sign of support.

Beyond the track ‘Petite Bourgeois Blues’ the guys have also have an album Let The Sunburnt Country Burn, which just so happened to be recorded in Berlin and finished in a shearing shed in western NSW. The album is expected to drop in the coming months, but until then, the guys will be doing some touring to build some word of mouth. Which will start at FBi Social for their single launch this Friday.


Friday July 19
FBi Social (‘The Petite Bourgeois Blues’ single launch)

Words by Luke Letourneau