LISTEN UP! Andy Bull ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now’

Andy Bull Baby I am Nobody Now

Sydney singer-songwriter ANDY BULL moves closer to releasing his sophomore LP with the release of his latest single ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now.’

Sonic and electronic sounds with a deep vocal performance from Bull himself, ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now’ builds an impenetrable wall of sound that is staggering and uplifting, but also a little haunting. Bringing together digital and live instruments in a fascinating way (something that has been explored in great depth in the utterly glowing review by OneADay) ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now’ collates feelings of stilted restrain and total release through the way the instruments and the different vocals contrast and reflect each other. Yet, it is still completely danceable, and refreshing.

Overall, this is a great pop track begging for its dancers to clutch their chest and raise a hand to the sky.


On another note, for all you Andy Bull fans out there with the acting-bug, we happened to stumble along this casting callout for the  ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now’ music video.


Words by Luke Letourneau