twentysomething episode 2 review

Tonight we returned to the world of Jess and Josh for Episode 2 of  TWENTYSOMETHING as they  interview potential roommates and enter both uni and the workforce.

Acting on the advice given to her by the ‘witch doctor’ last episodeJess decides to start work as a builder for her accommodating and evidently loving dad, played with ease by the always charming Glenn Robbins.

Fitting in on the building site appears to be something Jess has no problem with, immediately joking around with the boys, finding create ways to get out of work and even wrestling in the pub. One of the most likeable aspects of Jess as a character is her unyielding positive disposition. Work is not about to stop her from having fun all day. But in the end, unfamiliar with Jess’ new appreciation for a steady job her dad decides its best she not work with him anymore, considering she’s actually pretty shit at the job and a distraction to the other boys it isn’t an exactly surprising move.

At the same times as this, we join Josh has he begins the university life. Last week he experience the drinking during the day part, this week was class time. And what more practical a class could he take up than an introduction to photography class. It seems the course is already aiding him in his everyday life as he is taking headshot of his potential roommates after he and Jess interview them.

The roommate interviews was also another instance where the show managed to pull a few good laughs. They were fun as they were moments where we got to experience how these characters view people outside of their own small group. Their boundless suspicions, however small-scale, prevent them from choosing anyone but the most handsome of applicants.

We also got another small does of Hamish Blake’s Billy so we could see more of Jess be love-struck. This is a side that is nice to see considering she comes off as very sure of herself most of the time. I must also say that I am quite happy with Blake’s presence on my screen. I have always found, when I see him as himself or in his sketch-comedy work on screen, to be a bit too needy for laughs – maybe more a product of the medium of those situations but I regress. In a scripted comedy (sitcom, even) Blake, and all the actors, are working with a different set of requirement. They aren’t forced to be so rapid fire with the jokes. They have a chance to let situations and jokes breath, which generally allows for much more gratifying laughs. For someone like Hamish Blake I think being on a show like this is only a good thing. If I am being honest, this is basically a long way of me saying that I think someone should approach Hamish, Andy and their longtime producing partner Ryan Shelton if they have a sitcom in them. Stat!

Anyway, back to TWENTYSOMETHING. This week I only really have one criticism, and it’s the same as last weeks. More Josh. I think he is a really funny character. He’s similar to Jess in that they both have sunny dispositions, however given there varying degrees of abrasives they get it across in very different ways. Obviously with Josh there is more of a challenge to write for him, due to his quietness I would assume he tends to need another character to work off more than Jess would, but I still do enjoy him a lot whenever he is on the screens. Overall, another solid episode.

And next week it appears we’re in for a party!

(Endnote: This is usually the place where I would insert the trailer for the next episode. However, searching through Youtube all I am able to find is a season trailer. To this I say, ABC2 please pick up your game. Surely uploading a trailer should be part of a basic [like really basic] marketing strategy).

Words by Luke Letourneau