Celebrity Apprentice Australia: Season Finale Review

celebrity_apprentice_finale_cast_winnerIt’s the final challenge for CELEBRITY APPRENTICE AUSTRALIA, after nine weeks of hard work and raising money for charity, we have our winner for Season 3. And the winner is…



Looking back at the final episode, it wasn’t a major event that the last two seasons have worked towards. Strangely enough we still had four contestants fighting for the title in a somewhat weak final challenge.

The finale consisted of teams working with the same charity from last week and creating a ‘Hope Wall’ that was filled with charitable donations to help the youths who passed through the organisation’s home.


The challenge did not require much creativity from the contestants themselves, rather their ability to work with the contacts available to them to acquire as many donations that would benefit the charity. Although one part of the challenge was tailor made for each celebrity to work one-on-one with a member of the charity to help improve their lives  but also create some dramatic/heartfelt moments.


With no stand out performer throughout the mild episode, Bouris sat in the boardroom eliminating the celebrities, whittling down to his final two prospective apprentice’s, Steph and John.

Stephanie Rice took out the competition in a somewhat surprising decision as I don’t feel Steph made her mark in the competition, at least the editing didn’t allude to that. She kindly donated $10,000 to three charities that didn’t earn any money throughout the series.

This season started quite promising, with an array of colourful characters but as the weeks went on, the challenges became tiring and so was the repetitive drama between contestants. I think we’ll see another season, (rumours are, they are doing an All-Stars Celebrity Apprentice. What!?) but I don’t feel the show will be missed too greatly if it didn’t return to our screens.


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Words by Dan