Celebrity Apprentice Australia: Episode 8 Review

celebrity_apprentice_week_8It’s out with the old and in with the new in a renovation challenge that has familiar faces return to help the teams complete a mammoth task to help transform a home for underprivileged youths.

It was an emotional episode of CELEBRITY APPRENTICE AUSTRALIA that was milked for all it was worth, especially in the boardroom.

Bouris split the girls up at the beginning of the episode, sending Roxy to the boys which didn’t manage to stop Roxy and Prue clashing although they were on opposing teams. You kind of just roll your eyes at this point, unless one of the girls slapped the other in the face there isn’t much we haven’t seen already.


Some old contestants were enlisted to help each team, Max Markson, Patti Newton, Nathan Joliffe and the one and only Warwick Capper. The presence of Capper reminded me of that comic relief that is lacking this season. Although Layla’s naivety took your mind off the challenge in some instances, there wasn’t really that character that turned up like a hilarious rash that nobody asked for. Capper’s moments were hilarious as usual while Markson perpetuated his childlike sensibilities on the other team.

There weren’t many controversial moments in this episode as the drama was focused in the stories of the troubled youths who had come through the charity and found solace. It was a sweet sentiment throughout the episode but became excessive when Bouris asked every celebrity for some heartfelt comments which drew out the whole experience to painful lengths.


Team Fabulous took out the challenge leaving the three girls to battle it out for one position left in the competition. Surprisingly, Stephanie Rice took out the final spot eliminating Prue and Dawn from the competition. Not that I felt Prue or Dawn would take out the competition but more the fact that Stephanie hasn’t really stood out at any point through the series.





My prediction for who will win Celebrity Apprentice Australia is John Steffensen at this point although Fenech also has a strong chance. I would like to see both boys duke it out in the finale. I think Roxy is probably the strongest player, but I don’t feel the producers would allow the contestant they have advertised as “evil” and a “bully” to take out a charity competition. No matter how competent they are. But then again I am willing to be surprised.


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Words by Dan