Time of Our Lives: New ABC Family Drama


An unquestionable all-star Australian drama cast is coming to ABC this Sunday for the premiere of the new family drama series, TIME OF OUR LIVES. Only one little detail has me concerned with this project, and that’s the “PG” symbol that pops up in the corner of the trailer.

The first thing that got me excited about this series was hearing the great cast involved in the project. Claudia Karvan has  shone in both Love My Way and Puberty Blues (I was just a little too young that I missed the The Secret Life of Us boat) and I’m also a big fan of Tangle and Justine Clarke’s role as the troubled mother, Ally, over three impressive seasons. The male cast, Stephen Curry, William McInnes and  Shane Jacobson also have some noteworthy titles to their names.


The plot for the show is as follows;

Our thirties and forties are the busiest time of our lives. The extended Tivolli clan is right in the thick of it – kids, career advancement, home ownership, settling in with the one you love; still trying to find the one you love; getting away from the one you used to love. It’s the time of our frantic, messy, frustrating, funny, sometimes awful, lives.

From The Secret Life of Us co-creator Amanda Higgs and writer Judi McCrossin, The Time of Our Lives is a 13-part drama series, set in a moody inner city Melbourne, which follows the lives of a typical extended Australian family, in all its contemporary variations. 

My main issue with the series from an initial stand point is that it may be a little too light and fluffy for my liking. It looks a too feel-good in the small snippets we’re shown in the trailer (below). Now I’m not saying that I need families to be swearing at each other, or teenagers to be taking drugs for a series to be interesting but I usually turn to ABC for a more dramatic and gritty look at modern life.


Stand-out series The Slap and Redfern Now told unique stories that pushed the traditional envelope and exhibited a side of human behaviour that most viewers may not be accustom to. I view ABC in Australia as our version of HBO where we get higher quality productions that take risks and leave it to the three main channels to produce light-hearted dramas (e.g House Husbands, Packed to the Rafters etc.).

Having said that I still see a lot of potential with the writing team and cast that are behind this series. I’m sure the actors will hit their performances out of the park, so let’s just hope the storylines are unique enough that it will capture an audience.

Time of Our Lives Premieres Sunday @ 8:30pm on ABC1

Check out the trailer below.

Words by Dan