LISTEN UP! Jimi Beavis ‘No Job, No Prospects’

no job no prospects jimi beavis

Brisbane’s Jimi Beavis is here with a brand new track ‘No Job, No Prospects’, out Friday June 7 on iTunes, Bandcamp and more, but check out the film clip below the cut to see what you’re in for.

The film clip is a quirky, sharehousing jumble, an almost-static and indifferent Jimi eats his breakfast in front of the TV, while a shambolic crew of misfits and miscreants juggle, mingle and congregate behind him and enjoy their status as unemployed individuals. Jimi sits, singing and considering all the aspects of unemployment. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at everyday life. It was self-produced and shot and Costas Constantinou, bass player in the band, edited it.

Jimi is no stranger to the blues, having released a number of Blues albums and EPs under various guises and band names. What is ever-present is his unique voice and skills on the Harmonica. They have taken him on a journey of playing his tunes down the East Coast of Australia and to some of the country’s finest blues festivals, including Blues on Broadbeach and the Australian Festival of Blues, as well as the infamous Blues Train in Victoria. He has also played with some of Australia’s best and brightest musicians, such as Mojo Juju, Papa Pilko and the Binrats, Mojo Webb, Asa Broomhall and more.