Celebrity Apprentice Australia: Episode 7 Review


Prue and Roxy start to become tiring this week with the same old song and dance we’ve seen for the past 6 episodes. A Heinz soup challenge forces the teams to create some cringeworthy “viral” videos.

I don’t know if I’m too invested at this show by this point but I was actually shocked with the result of this week’s challenge. But I will get to the result later.

This week Heinz appoints the teams with a challenge to create a 30 second “viral” video campaign for their new range of flavoured soups (8 in total, apparently it deserves a mention). Layla went to the boys team while the rest of the girls teamed up for another colourful display which can only be expected every week as these girls clearly DO NOT get along.


Brainstorming ideas leads Prue and Roxy to argue over poor ideas and jumping into the task too quickly. The girls never manage to agree on much and it seems redundant for them to be in the same team other than creating some footage for the next weeks promo but then again I think it’s about times the girls buried the hatchet and just get on with it.

Team Supreme comes up with three ideas and for some reason, puts all of them into the one 30 second video. Prue has a tagline, Roxy wants to parody Celebrity Apprentice and Stephanie wants Dawn to rap. What results is a cheesy generic commercial amongst these others elements and Dawn’s rap is almost inaudible and sounds like gibberish.


Team Fabulous think it’s a good idea to incorporate a 50 Shades of Grey take on their video, by bringing in a fantasy element surrounding the different flavours in the range. Although the concept is rather on the nose for a family brand, it is actually executed rather successfully that it stands out compared to the girl’s commercial.

Apparently Team Fabulous were a little too risqué for the conservative Heinz brand which led (in my opinion) to an upset where Team Supreme came out victorious.

After some very kind words in the boardroom concerning Layla’s character and strengths throughout the competition, she was sadly sent packing along with Dermott in a double elimination.





I originally thought maybe the producers had their way in keeping Jeff Fenech in the competition for as long as he has, but I’ve noticed that he is a very strong character and has conviction in the boardroom as well in throughout the tasks, which in-turn makes him a very likely candidate to take out the competition.

I can’t see Steph or Prue making it to the finale as their antics in each challenge almost always seem to get in the way of executing a successful end product.

It will be an interesting next couple of episodes as the competition is now past halfway and these celebrities can see the finish line.


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Words by Dan