Celebrity Apprentice Australia: Episode 6 Review


It’s one of those ‘contact’ challenges this week. While tempers aren’t hitting dramatic heights, the money does. But this week really only requires the celebs to sit back and exploit their connections for donations in a dull instalment of Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

There isn’t much to say this week other than a congratulations for each team reaching milestones for the series in donations. Although these larger than life donations were being made, the challenge itself was like watching paint dry.

The teams were sent to a laundromat to clean clients clothes while receiving hefty donations for their services.

These types of challenges require the big names in the show to pull out their wealthiest backers that they’ve had lined up since they got the call to be on the show. This is extremely applicable for Dermott this week, who before this episode seemed to sink into the background.


Pete and Dermott lead their teams to astounding results for a simple laundry service. The only interesting elements to the episode was an aussieBum representative requesting an impromptu photoshoot with Dawn Fraser modelling the Aussie swimwear and a small tiff between Roxy and Prue(again!),  when Roxy steals a client.

Fenech kidnaps the oppositions camera after their shoot and caused some drama between the teams, yet the incident os only shortly addressed in the boardroom before being quickly forgotten.

Dermott’s team comes out on top, although he graciously grants Peter 10% of his winnings.

Dawn almost eliminates herself in the boardroom believing that she raised the least amount of money and nominates herself to be sent home before being corrected that Peter raised the least for his team. Finally judgement day has arrived for Everett and the struggling star is finally eliminated.



I think Dawn summed up my thoughts on Peter perfectly when she said she doesn’t understand how he has participated in more than 80 shows. He can barely can keep himself together, I don’t now how he survived hosting Ready, Steady, Cook for so long.


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Words by Dan