Celebrity Apprentice Australia: Episode 5 Review


Wow, athletes are a bunch of bitches, aren’t they? Everyone had their claws out this week, Dawn was at Steph’s throat, John was psyching out poor Pete and Fenech was taking aim at whoever he felt like.

This week was a solid episode. The Blackberry challenge was an intriguing task that enabled the teams to showcase their creativity although Blackberry’s message seemed to get lost in Team Fabulous’ presentation – that didn’t stop them winning the challenge.

John and Layla took the roles of Project Leaders this week and chose their teams in schoolyard style one-by-one. Dawn Fraser was last to be picked although Bouris added his two cents – talking up the olympian’s value in the competition. After Bouris’ encouraging words I focused a little more intently on Dawn’s actions for the rest of the episode – sadly she seems to only be lucid when seated in the boardroom -the rest of the episode has Dawn functioning like a pensioner in a home – reminding the staff she took her pills today and reminding them of past glories (Dawn does what she is told then reminds people each episode that she won gold in the Olympics) – yes Mrs. Fraser, we know.


Roxy takes over Layla’s role for the duration of the challenge, while Pete and Millsy passive aggressively prepare the presentation for their video work. I was proud of Layla arking up at Fenech and Steph when they were heckling the crowd before her own team’s presentation. She is stronger than she looks and she proved herself in the boardroom taking on Fenech once again when he questioned her leadership.


The winning team surprised me as I thought Team Fabulous’ presentation felt a little like a tacky infomercial – then again we were only given small snippets of vision from the teams creations so it’s hard to judge what the overall product was for both teams. (It looked like the creative agency did a lot of the leg work for both teams)

The boardroom was once again surprising – Steph’s tearful exit (then return) and both girls from Team Supreme suprisingly turned on Millsy which appeared to be a rehearsed sacrifice. This resulted in the entertainer being eliminated from the competition while frazzled Peter Everett survived yet another week.



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Words by Dan