LISTEN UP! Em George ‘Murderers On The Inside’

emgeorge made static

Sydney singer-songwriter Emily Anne George has just released the lyric-heavy melancholic and atmospheric rock track ‘Murderers On The Inside’.

Influenced by the early sounds of Carole King, Etta James and Leonard Cohen and literature from Allen Ginsberg, Truman Capote and Emily Bronte. George writes about personal experience or about the absurdities and observances of life, George’s songs display an introspective quality that is unique. Her feature single ‘Murderers On The Inside’ is typical of Em’s insightful and honest lyrics with a haunting melody, this song show’s the darker beauty of life.

When asked about the track Em’s told us “Through the perspective of an observer, the song explores the effects of abuse and the ignorance of those observing it but It’s also about those who are lost and attempt to find themselves through empty relationships, rather than the exploration of their own self.”