Celebrity Apprentice Australia: Episode 4 Review

team_supreme_celebrity_apprenticeThis week we were back to boys versus girls and surprisingly the women left their cattiness for the boardroom while the boys were unintentionally stirring shit by not including Everett in their plans, but what is he good for?

I don’t know if the production team were on a budget this week or what but this appeared to be the cheapest challenge CELEBRITY APPRENTICE AUSTRALIA has presented yet.

This week’s challenge was sponsored by Bouris’ own Yellow Brick Road and focused on raising awareness around the savings you need for your retirement. This presentation was to be made in front of a rowdy crowd at a football game at Allianz stadium. Why? Maybe they thought they could reach a younger audience to jolt them into action and be proactive about their future…or this was just a poorly organised challenge.


The teams were as badly organised as the challenge itself. Both teams constructed a painful performance, the boys had the air of an awful informercial while the girls looked like a bunch of primary school girls met in the playground at lunch time, borrowed some equipment from the sports shed and pretended to be cheerleaders for 5 minutes.

There was less drama in tonight’s episode than previous weeks. Peter Everett felt left out as he does every week, but while we can feel sad that he appears to be dominated by overbearing alpha-males in his team, I fail to see what he even believes he can offer if he had the opportunity to participate.

Robb Mills won for Team Fabulous and received $40,000 for his charity while Kym Johnson brought Layla and Roxy to the boardroom with her.

I felt it was strange bringing Roxy back when she was depicted as being a driving force in rectifying the train wreck of a performance to create a milder version of a train wreck by showtime. It didn’t seem to help Kym anyway as she was eliminated from the competition.



I thought a really interesting moment in a somewhat boring episode was Layla’s fire when Kym tried to throw her under the bus. We haven’t seen much from Layla throughout the competition but the aggro in her once provoked gave me hope that we might see a real player once she gets the chance to be a project manager.

Episode Highlight: Dawn commenting that the boys “Love playing with their balls!” then getting embarrassed by her own comment seconds later.


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Words by Dan