With the Wednesday 5th of June opening night just a few weeks away, it’s about time you started prepping your SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL timetables for some premium film viewing. Check out the top five SFF films I am most anticipating.

The Look Of Love

The previous Steve Coogan/Michael Winterbottom collaborations have yielded some pretty freaking spectacular results (24 Hour Party People, Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story and The Trip) so based on that track record alone this is the most anticipated film of the entire festival for me. Add to that Coogan is playing a completely ballsy and self-assured character (the kind he plays the best), we have a decades spanning biopic and a sex-filled story, so basically with The Look Of Love we pretty much have all the ingredients for pure joy in a movie theatre.

Frances Ha

After working together on Greenberg – the 2010 Ben Stiller indie-star-vehcle – director Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig re-teamed to co-write Frances Ha, a story about a nearly-30 year old dancer who has yet to find a clear direction in her life.

Almost seeming as an homage to the best of Woody Allen (i.e ManhattanFrances Ha looks like it could be a lot of fun to see. Although, from the trailer, there do seem to be a few moments where it might be trying a little too hard to be painfully cute. Yet, I feel Greta Gerwig will make it worth my while no matter what.

Camille Claudel 1915

Why do I want to see Camille Claudel 1915? First lets read the short description provided on the SFF website:

Claudel, the student and then lover of Auguste Rodin, was unjustly confined by her family in a mental asylum, where she spent the last 29 years of her life. Camille tries desperately to convince her brother, the devout Catholic poet Paul Claudel, to have her released from the asylum. While the doctors support her release, Paul refuses.

So basically, I am a big giant art history dork and a have a crazy weak-spot for art biopics, docs; anything really. So the fact that the trailer has that audacious air to it and that Juliette Binoche is magnetic in anything she appears in really are just cherries on top.

Oh Boy

Oh Boy is an Official Competition selection for the Sydney Film Festival. Based off the trailer, this seems to be very similar in its attitude as Frances Ha, except Oh Boy has the addition of being in German. Truthfully, however, I really like the look of this film because it appears to be attempting to tap into the feelings of being directionless and in your 20’s and transgressing from what is expected of you; a genre that I always am interested in. Because, well hello!

Only God Forgives

Another director/star collaboration, Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling re-team after their phenomenal work in 2011’s Drive for what seems like another foray into soft-spoken ultra-violence with Only God Forgives. From what the trailers reveal and what has been read about this film, it seems that the characters onscreen will clash physically just as much as they do emotionally.

With Only God Forgives, Winding Refn continues to prove himself to be master of visual language, with this film being yet another example of his excellence. A definite must see for festival go-ers, and surely a serious contender to take out the festival’s competition.

To see a full list of films playing SFF, or to buy tickets head to the official website page HERE.

Words by Luke Letourneau