Celebrity Apprentice Australia: Episode 3 Review


Drama! It wasn’t just Roxy throwing the punches this week. A tussle in the boardroom between Jeff Fenech and John Steffensen made for a memorable episode of CELEBRITY APPRENTICE.

The producer’s bank on arguments when putting the amount of egos they have on hand into a high pressure situation, this week, those disagreements were delivered in spades. There were duels within teams and between teams which resulted in a fiery and emotional boardroom.

This week was a Canon challenge. The teams had to show their artistic side by portraying a particular team member’s story through a series of photographs the teams took themselves. These creative challenges make for much more interesting (compared to last week) viewing as we get to see the celebrities originality and we always appear to get more of an insight into these celebrities on a personal level.


Prue shared a heartfelt story about a physical hardship she had in her early years and Millsy thought it was appropriate to bring up his make out sesh with Paris Hilton in front of ‘rumoured’, current fling, Steph Rice. The teams finally decided on Jeff Fenech’s beginnings in boxing and Team Supreme went with a similar anlge with John Steffenson’s beginnings in running.

The photos weren’t anything amazing but the drama that followed was. Roxy and Steph fought over ‘being heard’ which resulted in a near exit from the competition by Roxy. It seems like Roxy is only happy when she’s talking but then again I think the editors are doing a great job of making her look like the villian. It’s always good to have a villian.


The girls makeup just before the challenge and win for their team with some surprisingly large donations. Even before the announcement of the winner Fenech puts on a show after John makes a few comments that causes Jeff to fire himself in an amusing performance where he seemingly attempts the Bouris ‘You’re Fired!’ point at himself before exiting. John leaves to calm the boxer down which results in a colourful display in some basement within the building. Both boys get quite heated but manage to settle down and return to the boardroom.


Although we are not made fully aware of Jeff’s reasons behind his outburst, it appears that Fenech may have got pissed off after learning how much Steffensen raised in this challenge compared to the first challenge for Fenech’s charity. It was a fair point but not enough to storm off.

After all this is said and done, Steph wins for her charity but kindly grants Prue $50K of her earnings to go to Prue’s charity in a tearful acceptance. Once again the series reminds us of the great work the teams are doing for the charities throughout the country and makes all the drama worth it.



Brian Mannix gets booted from the competition and rightly so. Although he earned quite a large sum of money in the first challenge, he doesn’t seem to be very proactive within the competition and his little comment about people downloading music being his career downfall was downright petty.


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Words by Dan