Celebrity Apprentice Australia: Episode 2 Review


A challenge for Tim Tam creates internal struggle between the two PR queens in Team Supreme while cracks begin to appear over in Team Fabulous resulting in an overall tactless spectacle.

After a big $$ fundraiser last week, Tim Tam sets the challenge this week to market the variety of flavours in their brand. Both teams have to market the brand in a pop-up store in the middle of Pitt Street Mall featuring a cringe-worthy jingle from the boy’s team.


Roxy appoints herself project manager for the girl’s team and immediately you can sense tensions are high between Prue and Roxy after last week’s fiery boardroom. I originally believed it was in both girl’s nature being from the PR industry to dish out criticism and have thick skin to recover when someone fires back but it seemed apparent after Prue had a teary breakdown when looking for props that not all is well in Team Supreme.

The main aspect of Celebrity Apprentice I feel I’m missing is that war room segment that appears to flash by so quickly before we launch into the challenge. I noticed with last week’s episode and now this week is that  the team’s intentions/ideas for the challenge are glossed over, not knowing what guest appearances there might be, or what marketing strategy they have behind spruiking the event. Then all of a sudden we’re into the challenge and especially in the girl’s teams case, guests such as Justice Crew, Stacey from Big Brother, past contestant, Max Markson and a bunch of dancers appear from no where.

I think the strategies behind these challenges are an important part of the show and for the viewer, it let’s us know who is most deserving at the end of the season. But then again when you’ve got the current dynamics in the girl’s team, you can’t blame the producers/editors for focusing on the drama if it means sacrificing some of the backstory for the challenge. Helps for promos too.


Team Supreme wins this challenge even though Bouris made it seem like it was a lot closer than it was, but from the vision of both teams’ pop up stores, the girls were the clear winners with a lively atmosphere at their store while Mannix and Rob Mills were spitting out some lyrics worthy of a Coles commercial.

The boardroom was heated from both sides of the desk, Peter Berner (The comedian I’ve never heard of) had some unexpected gutso when put under pressure in front of Bouris, but it wasn’t enough to save him from being eliminated after failing as Project Manager for the boys.



Episode Highlights:

  • Peter Everett’s  ‘closet’ joke about Dermott
  • A bystander would rather fight Fenech than Dawn Fraiser
  • Roxy’s insane eyes
  • Fenech: ‘The Numbers Man’


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Words by Dan