Celebrity Apprentice Australia: Episode 1 Review

celebrity apprentice, 2013, australia, castThis season is meant to have all the cat fights, tears and tantrums but a fairly mild premiere of the new season reminds us that this show is about charities and when it comes to charities, Bouris means business.

I think I’ve finally got over the surprise of not knowing around half the personalities on the cast when it comes to CELEBRITY APPRENTICE AUSTRALIA but I find that half the fun these days. It’s like watching a new season of BIG BROTHER and watching these people either laugh with each other or tear each other down. Apparently we’re in store for a lot of the latter according to Nine’s promos.

So here is our new cast…

celebrity apprentice, cast, australia

So it’s boys, Team Fabulous (?), versus girls, Team Supreme (mmm…pizza). I’m guessing the producers wanted some immediate catfights in the girl’s team and they were granted some bitchy comments. The problem was they were shared between the two PR professionals, Roxy Jacenko and Prue MacSween, so the comments were quickly brushed off. I imagine the girls have heard and dealt with much worse in their profession.

It was a food preparation and cooking challenge by the beach for the celebrities first challenge. The challenge itself was quite boring besides a few moments spent with past winner, Julia Morris, who manages to light up any room she enters. Always a delight.

The problem with these type of challenges set in a hospitality type situation is that there is very limited room for creativity and relies too much on the contestants working as part of an assembly line rather than being able to showcase their talent .

I think a black horse in this competition in this competition could be dancer, Kym Johnson, who manages to quite casually call David Arquette for a donation. The performer has some contacts and if she continues to milk them she may just scrape through this competition.


I hope Layla has some hilarious moments because besides her playing the part of a fish out of water I see no use for her in this season which was evident in the premiere where she raised less than $200.

I haven’t said a whole lot about the boys because firstly, they didn’t get a whole lot of airtime, so much so I thought they were going to lose the challenge due to the lack of attention their store was getting. In the end the boys blew the girls out of the water with over $120,000 raised thanks to great contributions from Jeff Fenech’s contacts.

The boardroom was quite serious for the first episode where contestants are still finding their feet. Bouris means business this season and he took it out on the lowest earning celebrities, Prue, Prinnie and Layla. Bouris appears to be very aware of the status and fanbase of each contestant and in turn took to criticising Prinnie for not exploiting her talents in the name of charity. This sent poor Prinnie packing in the first episode.

ELIMINATED: Prinnie Stevens

prinnie_stevens_celebrity_apprentice_eliminatedIt was quite a heartfelt moment at the conclusion of the episode when Fenech awarded his cheque to his charity, Save Our Sons, where we saw a patient suffering from Muscular Dustrophy, collect the amount. The show might get caught up in antics but in the end it’s doing great work for charity and it’s nice to be reminded about that.

I hope the series amps up a little more after the premiere but I have no doubt that this bunch of characters will deliver some classic TV moments. John Steffensen pronouncing ‘cement’ as ‘semen’ already had me laughing.

Catch up on the premiere right here.

Words by Dan