LISTEN UP! The Hungry Mile ‘Faceless Man’

hungry miles faceless man

‘Faceless Manʼ is the debut single from alternative Sydney Indie band THE HUNGRY MILE.

The band’s sound is best described as energetic and intense, with powerful vocals filled with frustration and discontent, complex guitar melodies, driving bass lines and a clinical percussion section. There is a sound and energy similar to that of Thrice, Birds of Tokyo and Something For Kate

ʻFaceless Manʼ works to express the plight of a man whose life has been destroyed by whispers and hearsay. As it documents the demise of its protagonist, the song questions the role that the media plays in presenting rumor as truth, through inference and the selective filtering of information to the public. Musically, the song amasses an infectious head of steam, replete with spiralling guitar lead, a probing bass and drum groove and impassioned vocals.