LISTEN UP! Lovers Jump Creek ‘Dig You Dogs’

lovers jump creek

Lovers Jump Creek are a four piece from Sydney who share a mutual taste for loud guitars, loud drums, bluesy vocals and big-ass riffs all gloriously on display on their latest single ‘Dig You Dogs’  is their new single.

Think a little Dead Weather, a little Drones, a little The National and your close. Self- produced in their dingy, self-run studio known only as “The Warehouse,” ‘Dig You Dogs’ shows the boys record/produce and mix a really raw and unique track.

Since their first show in 2009 Lovers Jump Creek have shared the stage with the likes of Gyroscope, Tame Impala, Closure In Moscow, After The Fall, Trial Kennedy and more. The band’s new track captures the raw, visceral experience of the band’s dramatic live show.