LISTEN UP! Fever Pitch ‘It’s In My Veins’

Fever Pitch

FEVER PITCH are a group of indie poppers heavily influenced by the N.Y underground scene in the early 2000’s, which is all on display in their latest single ‘It’s In My Veins.’

Poetic Lyrics, catchy riffs, melodic bass and infectious drum beats, ‘It’s In My Veins’  exhibits a diversity akin to the sounds coming from the likes of Arctic Monkey, The Strokes and Interpol. It’s a grungy, indie/rock song full of huge riffs, melodic drumming with sluggish/don’t give a F@#K vocals similar to Julian Casablancas.

Fever Pitch are getting ready to make 2013 their biggest year yet. With plans of extensive touring, radio, videos and heading overseas. So it would be best that you join us in the Fever Pitch love early before they get swept up by the masses.