LISTEN UP! Teal ‘Three Hours’ + Tour Dates

teal three hours

Today, while strolling through old emails, I stumbled upon a loud and roaring sound, a loud and roaring sound that just so happened to belong to the song ‘Three Hours‘ by TEAL.

Teal are a Sydney-based four-piece who exhibit a sound that is both pop and hard edge. Well, maybe pop isn’t the best word to use considering the sound of pop today is more like a fuck-load of EDM cliches fisting my earballs. Instead, I mean pop in the simple sense of being music with catchy instrumentations and engaging lyrics, and it is the latter that is very much what ‘Three Hours’, and the sound of Teal feel like.

In the words of the band:  “‘Three Hours’ is an epic dark anthem, capturing the eerie vocals of vocalist Joe Surgey and haunting rhythm of Andy Clews.”

Listening to these guys I am reminded of the pop-rock Australian resurgence acts of the mid-to-late 00s, such as Something With Numbers, The Panics and Expatriate. However, while similar, Teal do add a greater sense of event and doom with a howling vocal and the ‘reach for the sky’ grandeur of the guitar.

‘Three Hours’ is the latest single release off Teal’s forthcoming EP Hearth, which is expected to be released later in the year.

To coincide with this release Teal have announced The Jeff Goldblum Tour and are continually adding new dates to the list. Current tour dates:

10th April @ Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

11th April @ The Basement, Canberra

13th April @ The Espy, Melbourne

19th April @ The Factory Theatre, Sydney

2nd May @ Yours and Owls, Wollongong

4th May @ The Basement, Canberra

17th May @ The Annandale, Sydney

jeff goldblum tour teal

Words by Luke Letourneau