LISTEN UP! Black Springs ‘Sunrise’ EP

black springs ep sunrise

Sun-soaked Sydney four-piece BLACK SPRINGS exhibit equal parts 60s alternative, and a psych throwback sound on their delightful EP release Sunrise.

Combining laid-back melodic grooves with an uplifting sense of glee, Black Springs‘ EP presents a band that seems fairly assured of themselves. Deviating between long unadulterated stretches of jam-out instrumentals and pop hooks, the band creates dreamy tunes that draw you in and keep hold of you completely with the music.

Opening the EP with the pulsating drum beat and mid tempo guitar strum of the totally instrumental ‘Sunrise,’ the title tracks of Black Springs’ EP, the band are immediately invite the listener to who they are and their sound. This introduction is a fine example of the music of this EP and the confidence of their sound.

Followed by ‘Temple Song,’ Black Springs introduces the cooing vocal to their work, a vocal that will only be sparingly – but purposefully – sprinkled across the rest of the EP. Also similar to many of the following tracks on the EP, ‘Temple Song’ lapses into an instrumental track about three quarters of the way through, but uniquely to some of those tracks this one is accommodated by the gloriously lo-fi harmonies of the band. And then, at the commencement of the tracks we have an almost voyeuristic moment listening in on the band chatter, and enjoy the track they just completed. It is an interesting moment that adds to the lo-fi qualities, but also to the sense that their music is an amalgamation, of sorts, of a joyous and total laid-back aesthetics working within this band.

As individual tracks are concerned, the highlight of Sunrise is the moment where the pop sensibilities and instrumental indulgences are most successfully combined, and this moment is on the fifth track ‘I See The Man.’ With spiralling sonic vibrations and a moody sense of story to the lyrics, ‘I See The Man’ is a nice encapsulation of the sounds that vibrate throughout.

Confident, groovy and a lot of fun, BLACK SPRINGS’ EP release Sunrise is a totally worthwhile listen to anyone keen for some psyche-pop fun.

You can buy the EP HERE!

… and for Sydney-siders (or those willing to travel) Black Springs will be playing the Annandale on April 5 with Dead Radio and other friends. And on June 21 at Brighton Up Bar will be launching the EP. So grab the EP, and check the guys out live!

Words by Luke