GARAGE ENTERTAINMENT: Action Sport Films Now A Click Away

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Action and Adventure sports fans are now able to access an incredible library of inspiring feature films in a niche, multi-device capable media streaming library thanks to Garage Entertainment.

From surfing to mountain biking, paragliding to skiing, Garage Entertainment offers viewers the option of pay per view or cheap monthly subscriptions for access to a diverse library of films that explore the excitement of outdoors and adventure sports. Bringing together key brands and producers from across the globe, this exciting new portal is now available to the masses.

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Beautifully designed and created with a passion for this niche market, will offer hundreds of action sports films on demand – and accessible via internet-connected televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones, offering viewers an opportunity to watch the films they love on the beach, in the sky or under the sun.

With big name titles like The Art of Flight and Where The Trail Ends fresh from the cinemas, Garage Entertainment offers a viable alternative to torrenting or iTunes – and the curated library of classics such as Momentum, The Original Crusty Demons of Dirt, 7 Sunny Days and Masters Of Stone will offer viewing for hardcore fans and entry-level explorers alike.

It’s largely thanks to new technological advances high-definition go anywhere cameras (as well as the fearless filmmakers who embrace adventure) that the action sports film genre has made it to film festivals like Cannes and Sundance, gathering critical claim and encouraging others to share their incredible experiences through documentary filmmaking.

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As a genre, action sports film offers adventurers and spectators alike an insight in to some of the most extreme characters and settings in action sports around the globe. And the footage of professional risk takers doing incredibly dangerous things is often breathtakingly beautiful as well as really, really awesome.

The range of these films being gathered together for Garage Entertainment is pretty phenomenal: the library already includes titles entire back catalogues from producers including Taylor Steele, Kai Neville, Curt Morgan, Red Bull Media House and the teams behind Nitro Circus and Crusty Demons. Film lovers would be hard-pressed to find any other streaming site that so thoroughly covers a genre.

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In fact, it’s the first time that leading action sports brands and producers have been able to pool their content into a single distribution platform that can be viewed any time on multiple devices in Australia.

Garage Entertainment allows subscribers to access live, advertisement-free surf cameras, surf forecasting and wave tracking technology through the popular Coastalwatch Plus service. Perfect for all Aussie beach-goers.

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Garage Entertainment is the brainchild of Michael Lawrence and Nicholas Cook, who you may recognise as the producers of award-winning blockbusters Bra Boys and Fighting Fear. Their experience running a packaged DVD distribution business dealing in more than 1000 action sports titles – and making action films themselves – inspired them to create this platform to fill a hole that seemed glaringly empty. They’ve been developing the concept for several years, and this year is the year that all their hard work finally pays off.

“The simplest way to explain the new platform is that it is a watch-instantly, internet video streaming service that you can take anywhere and view anytime on any of your internet-connected devices,” said Garage Entertainment co-founder Michael Lawrence.

Garage Entertainment offers users access to the site for basic one-off film hire, much like the movie-on-demand services offered by the likes of Foxtel On Demand, Netflix or iTunes – but with one big advantage: a huge selection of a niche genre of films. No more endless searching.

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The site is an encouraging platform for indie directors and producers to showcase their works and thrive within a passionate community. Garage Entertainment is filling a void that has been left open for many years among action sport lovers.

Relive the classics and explore the new and exciting developments being made in action sports films.

Garage Entertainment is live and waiting for you