PLEASE LIKE ME: Episode 5 Review

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I appreciate for such a tight season (6 episodes) that I felt I got closure on some underlying issues between characters before the series ends next week with its finale. Not everything needs to be wrapped up in neat bow but episode 5 had enough momentum that I feel each story will have a satisfying conclusion.

 For the first time Josh’s dad, Alan didn’t irritate me. Rose and Alan finally discussed, actually it’s probably considered arguing, about their break up and their new found relationships. Sadly Alan is still with Mae but at least them being a couple is the catalyst for some emotion from Rose whose depression only seems present when she is blatantly telling people of her condition.

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Alan and Rose’s fighting is quite juvenile but it suits their characters as Alan has been portrayed as a bratty and mopey for most of the season while Rose is quite a free-spirit and flippant in most interactions. It was good to see they are both still struggling with the split and struggling to be adult about the situation but I can see their serious side will show soon with next episode’s funeral.

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It was finally revealed that Neeve’s pregnancy was fake but we could all see that from miles away, except Tom apparently. Claire figured out it was a farce, herself and Josh discussed the situation in a surprisingly well shot long take through a supermarket. I’m happy we got past this pregnancy so now all Tom has to do is choose between his insane ex and his best friend’s ex in the finale.

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Josh and Geoffrey are dealing with a very real relationship issue, ‘compromising’. It seems with each episode, Josh and Geoffrey seem to have less and less in common and that’s the main reason for their second break up at the conclusion of the episode. Geoffrey is really into AFL(?) and Josh can’t stand sports, Josh doesn’t like PDA and Geoffrey doesn’t like the fact Josh is uncomfortable with it. Josh is finally seeing through the superficial side to this relationship and ending things.

Now the shock of the episode! While Rose and Alan are arguing over the phone – being within meters of each other – Aunt Peg appears to have taken a nap but sadly she has passed away. Such a delightful character and a warm presence in all her scenes (I especially enjoyed her little dance with Josh in the opening titles), it’s a sad moment although we’ve only spent such a small time with her.

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I think it will be really interesting to see Josh Thomas’ acting next episode in dealing with the funeral. I’ve come around to his comedic acting but I’m eager to see if he is going to be able to pull off a more dramatic side in the finale.

I’d really like to see this series get renewed by the ABC and with the new media reforms demanding more Australian content on our channels, let’s hope this will be a nudge for the network to keep this entertaining series alive.

Season Finale Thursday @ 9:30pm on ABC2.

Words by Dan