GIRLS: Season 2 Finale Recap

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It’s the end of the line and with a lot of stories coming to a close we see the unstable ones being rewarded. GIRLS is still one of the best series on television but I fail to see the romance in its final moments.

All the characters seemed to exist in their own worlds tonight, with only a slight overlap when Marnie tried to visit Hannah and the final moments when Adam performed his (dramatic) run through the city.

Marnie was rewarded for her unbearable behaviour throughout the season by finally winning over Charlie and re-entering their bland relationship. The Girls writing team has done a fantastic job fleshing out what a self-involved and entitled brat Marnie is, and creating one of the most irritating characters on television over the past ten episodes. This made it all the harder to swallow that Marnie got her own way. The girl literally ran off in a huff with her arms crossed and a grumpy face when Charlie wouldn’t say they were dating, come on!

girls, marnie, finale, fight

I hope next season Marnie and Charlie are back to their miserable Season 1 relationship, not that couples can’t be happy, just Marnie shouldn’t.

Finally! Shoshanna and Ray talked out their issues and we got a break up. It was exciting for Ray that the relationship inspired him to earn somewhat of a promotion although his new found motivation was short-lived when a tearful Shoshanna ended it. This couple had the most believable issues out of all the other relationship issues. The generation gap saw two differing world-views collide and slowly eat away at the pair’s foundations. It’s time to let Shoshanna be young and it’s also time for Ray to know a world of responsibility.

girls, shoshanna, crying, break up

Now poor Adam just seems to struggle with control. New girlfriend Natalia is a little demanding in the bedroom so we can only assume that beyond the bedroom this attitude is affecting Adam in his day-to-day of their relationship. Adam is strong willed and does not deal with being dictated to, but instead of taking it out on Natalia, he saves his aggression for a whole lot of wood in his apartment.

girls, adam, wood, angry

I didn’t ever feel that Hannah and Adam’s relationship was in any way toxic when they were together in Season 1, I actually saw Adam as a motivational force for Hannah, while Hannah gave Adam something to love and appreciate. It seems since their break up the thought of each other together or apart tears away at them mentally.

And so it is with the idea of a fragile mind we get to Hannah. Still suffering the effects of last week’s que-tip incident, Hannah is unable to focus on her book or acquire the funds from her father to pay off her employers to prevent them for suing her. It’s a lot on Hannah’s plate and this stress takes some interesting forms, eating cool whip and hiding from much needed friends, attempting to cut an already questionable haircut, then asking your junky neighbour to fix up the world’s worst fringe.

Hannah’s a mess, we’ve known this for most of this season and now with her finally hitting rock bottom she calls her knight in shining armour, Adam. One crazy to another crazy she exhibits her OCD over a video chat and has Adam come-a-runnin. I think the only sweet part of this whole interaction is that Adam notices Hannah’s condition and instantly refers to it occuring in her high school years which conveys he was really attentive while they were dating.

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Having said that, the whole running to Hannah’s aid was some 90’s rom-com generic shit. I know this kind of stuff works on some women (I went on twitter and saw many tweets of women claiming they had cried when watching the final scenes) but this romantic bullshit is lost on me when you actually think about what is happening in the situation. Hannah’s reached a point in her mental state where rehab is looking like the only option and Adam is so self abusive that the only healthy relationship he has had in a long time is no longer in his grasp as he leaves that behind him when running across Brooklyn to the psychotic and unstable Hannah.

I’m sorry if I fail to see the sweet side but both characters are so messed up at the moment I can’t see smooth sailing in the near future.

girls, adam, hannah, final scene, finale

So that closes out yet another season of Girls. The writing on this show has been inventive and shocking this season, although there were a few low points (Episode 7 & 8) this still continues to be one of the most dynamic series on our screens.

Next season is 12 Episodes! So get ready for that. (A whole year to wait, Nooooo!)

Words by Dan