PLEASE LIKE ME: Episode 4 Review

please like me, josh, john, dogWe got to see a good balance of what it’s like to be old and what it’s like to be young this week in the latest instalment of PLEASE LIKE ME. I think I want to stay young for a while longer because old just looks a little too miserable.

So we begin this episode post break-up with Josh explaining to Tom that Geoffrey and him are NO MORE! I thought Josh was being a little too nonchalant and a bit of a douche about the whole situation but he kind of suffers in the end which makes up for it.

So let’s talk about the older cast first.

please like me, josh, mum, rose, dating

Josh’s mum is getting in to the online dating scene. Her near death experience seems to be a distant memory and the family don’t seem concerned either, so I guess neither should we.  It’s a positive sign Rose is going about her life as normal and not wallowing away in her own depressive spiral.

Turns out online dating doesn’t just suck for the young ones like in Catfish, but it’s affecting the older generation as Rose experiences the dad from Round the Twist playing the role of a fresh asshole. We didn’t see how this ended but it seemed like mum was going along for the ride no matter how horrid it was from the beginning.

Mae and Alan are having their own problems when she discovers that Alan is checking out Rose’s online dating profile and exclaims that she is moving home to Thailand. I hope this is the end of them as Alan’s misery has dragged on long enough, in such a short series we need to see his character build himself back up again. My only issue is that I see his only solution being getting back with Rose but I hope the writing doesn’t resort to that as it’s an easy fix.

please like me, aunt peg, josh, car

I’m loving Aunt Peg, I felt really sorry for her this week losing her licence. She’s a bit of a firecracker but she’s got a big heart as we saw last episode with her speech about her Josh. I think it would be great to see her and Rose spend a little more time together, the glimpse we got last episode was sweet and their relationship needs to be explored a little more in the final two episodes.

Now the young ones.

please like me, caitlin, tom kiss, rain, claire

The Tom and Neeve storyline kind of went no where this week as Neeve was no where to be seen but that at least pulled the brakes on Claire and Tom’s romance. Their Spiderman/Notebook kiss was corny and wasted on me as I’m still having trouble buying the two of them being together in any sense. I understood it as a random rebound hookup last episode but pursuing the two as a possible couple seems excessive.

please like me, josh, frozen coke

Poor Josh, thinks he’s all that for breaking up with Geoffrey then winds up left all alone holding four frozen cokes. The break-up was well on its way last episode and we saw it come to fruition in the opening moments. Josh was on his high horse but later knocked clean off upon a meeting a guy in a bow-tie whose friends are a bit too blunt. The two girls who showed up to pull the bow-tie guy away from Josh need a good slap across the face, but too late, they disappear into the night leaving Josh looking a right fool.

please like me, josh, geoffrey, break up, rain

Tonight’s events send Josh back into Geoffrey’s arms and leaving us thinking what will happen next?…Probably more relationship problems. I’m happy that Josh got knocked down a few pegs in this episode, his character had been walking around the first three episodes giving his opinion and acting flippant about everyone else’s relationships but then couldn’t handle his own loneliness when he found himself embarrassed and betrayed.

Two more episodes to go. All New Please Like Me Thursday @ 9:30pm on ABC2.

Words by Dan