GIRLS: Episode 9 Recap

girls, hannah, cue-tip

This episode will stick in my mind for the one that got borderline rape-y at one point. It will also stick in my mind for the one where Marnie made my ears bleed. Also where the hell is Jessa!? Hannah needs you!

This episode was driven primarily by Adam and his new relationship with Natalia which seems relatively normal up until Adam commands her to walk on all fours to his bedroom. I think Bret Easton Ellis said it best in a tweet…

‘it’s Adam Driver’s episode and he has never been more powerfully messed-up. He’s absolutely haunting all the way through. Fearless.’

I’ll start with Hannah as it eventually circles back around to Adam anyway. Hannah’s OCD appears to be in a worse condition than we last saw her. She is so compulsive with her actions that she forces half a cue tip down her ear. A tearful call to her parents explaining the situation leads her to a visit to the hospital.

girls, hannah, pickles

I’m starting to come around to the idea of Hannah having OCD. I thought the introduction last episode was a little too strong but I think her symptoms had reached a natural progression by this point.

It’s sad that Hannah finally came into success with this e-book deal only to be isolated from everyone more than ever before. I originally thought this book deal came too easily although now it seems more of a curse than a blessing.

Hannah oddly runs into Adam as he is stepping out of an engagement party and there ensues the awkward conversation. Hannah is happy for Adam (and his girlfriend) and Adam is concerned for Hannah. Adam calls Hannah ‘kid’ and you can see that hits a nerve.

girls, hannah, adam

This little meeting affects both. Hannah shoves the same cue-tip retrieved from one ear and begins to shove it in the other while Adam commands Natalia through his apartment before dominating her and beating off on her chest. It’s an interesting comparison where you compare the first time we saw Adam beat off on Hannah, she was dirty talking and the atmosphere although intimate and intense was still a bit cheeky where the mood this time was dark and ‘haunting’.

girls, adam, natalia

A quick mention about Marnie. She’s unbearable and can’t sing. Charlie is an idiot for sleeping with her. Yes Charlie, play in to her selfish actions. She is the most cringeworthy character, I can’t tell if the writing for Marnie is great or horrible. If the writers are just attempting to elicit a reaction from their viewers then they have their wish.

girls, marnie, singing

Shoshanna and Ray are a non event.

Everyone is unhappy. And from the promo for the finale below there’s no light on the horizon.

Words by Dan