PLEASE LIKE ME: Episode 3 Review

please like me, josh, geoffrey, church, aunt

The latest episode of Please Like Me is cheeky enough that you can overlook some of the cliché moments. There’s a focus on Josh coming out, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be up to him entirely.

I seem to really enjoy the group scenes in Please Like Me the most. The awkward dinner scene was fraught with embarrassing moments, majorly stemming from Tom and Neeve’s soon to be extinct relationship. Neeve’s that girl at the party who always wants to be heard when telling a story but doesn’t want to hear anything bad said to her once she is finished. Sadly Tom isn’t having any of that when she accuses him of giving her chlamydia which then spirals into an impromptu break up (although it has been festering since last episode).

please like me, neeve, tom

please like me, josh, geoffrey

I find it interesting that Claire doesn’t seem to have any other friends besides her ex-boyfriend and his roommate but then I’m assuming if she wasn’t around we couldn’t have had that awkward moment where the Tom and Claire hookup. I think it’s a worn out story, the best friend hooking up with your ex, but it could be handled interestingly. I predict Claire and Tom will attempt to hide it before Josh inevitably catches them in the act but then doesn’t really care, he seems quite flippant.

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David Roberts brought the laughs in his performance tonight. His mid-life crisis and drunk antics were a highlight. Josh Thomas also tweeted that Alan’s fart in the living room was real and left in there after editing, pure class.

I found it interesting in an episode that seemed to revolve around Josh coming out to his family didn’t actually involve Josh having to have a conversation with any of them about it. Aunt Peggy catches Josh and Geoffrey making out, why Geoffrey needed to take his shirt off in the middle of the street is beyond me. Geoffrey then blurts out Josh’s sexuality and their relationship to Josh’s dad when in the car wash while Aunt Peggy announces his news in front of the congregation at the church where Josh’s mother is present.

please like me, josh, aunt, church

All family members seem to handle the news quite well, both his parents having accepted the thought of this a long time ago. Aunt Peggy who came across resistant in the beginning seems to experience some type of epiphany while at church where for some reason the priest chose that exact day to berate the attendees about the sin involved with homosexuality.

I feel the show took the easy way out in glossing over what could have been a very tough and confronting time for a young man coming out but the series could also be sending the message that we’re in a more tolerant society now. Also the fact that it’s a comedy series doesn’t leave us too much time to dwell on what could be an intense time in Josh’s character’s life. Although slightly cliched in it’s approach it’ll work in helping the show move on to new avenues.

please like me, josh, church, group

We’re now halfway through the series, let’s hope we get to spend some more time with Josh’s mother and see how she’s handling her illness. I thought that was a really interesting aspect of the premiere that has potential to be explored further.

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Words by Dan