GIRLS: Episode 8 Recap

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A lot happened this week, we found out someone is suffering from OCD, others attempted/struggled to move on from past relationships and one particular lady had a bit of fun that may lead to yet another unhappy couple. But isn’t everyone unhappy at this point?
Let’s go through each character and either roll our eyes or ponder what their actions this week may lead to in the future.
I’m going to start with Hannah who was kind of a curve ball for me this week. Hannah and her OCD. I didn’t see this coming and it had me slightly confused at the beginning of the episode watching her stroll down the street constantly counting. I considered she was on the verge of a mental breakdown and I guess that’s what the writing is trying to tell us, but do we think it’s all because of Adam?
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Firstly, I understand that Hannah experienced a very complicated relationship with Adam and it was most likely something the character had never experienced before, but I don’t understand why this intensity they shared is still lingering and affecting her in such a way. I only feel the writing is leaning towards Adam being the problem due to his phone call triggering her OCD in the opening and his name being mentioned in the therapy session. But as viewers I think we can amount Hannah’s OCD to the increasing stress to her book deal, her tumultuous relationship with Marnie and her string of ill-fated sex-capades. It’ll be interesting to see how her condition progresses over the final two episodes. (It was awesome seeing Hannah’s parents back in the picture too, always a hilarious presence)
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Speaking about Adam, a fellow AA member thought it would be a great idea to set up her daughter with this interesting fellow who spoke his mind in the meeting. Of course a free-spirit mother would see potential in Adam, so we see him set out on a date with a carefree attractive brunette who I’m assuming will hang around until Hannah ultimately catches them canoodling on the street and sends her into a deeper spiral.
Here’s the eye roll, Marnie. I’m not going to complain about the character’s attitude as it has been on the ridiculous side this entire season. I’m glad she confirmed that she thinks she has her shit together this episode, it acknowledges her naivety which seems to have plagued all her bad choices since Charlie and herself broke up. I pray this singing aspiration is killed after the next episode, I can’t take another storyline in a television series about a twenty-something aspiring to sing, it’s been done to death. This singing dream may be the writers way of affirming Marnie IS the cliché that we think she is. Let’s also pray we never see inside Charlie’s ridiculous and unbelievable workplace (Really? That office, those employess? That quick? No).
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Shoshanna got to do more than just talk fast and blink a lot this week…well she still did that but she cheated on Ray too. The cracks had already started to form a few weeks ago at Hannah’s dinner, where Ray was found out to be leeching off Shoshanna. I was surprised when Shoshanna hooked up with the door man, not that I couldn’t see it coming after his lingering greeting but still surprising. I wonder if her present company had an influence on her choice to be a bit wreckless, no one has their lives together, so why should she? I think Ray is in love with Shoshanna after his previous conversation with Adam, so I’m interested to see how he will take the news.
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With no happy ending in sight for any of our characters (except maybe Adam after his date) the next two episodes are either going to start building these characters back up or we’re going to have a very sad bunch on our hands come finale time.
Two more episodes to go! Promo for next week’s GIRLS below.
Words by Dan