LISTEN UP! Harts ‘The Music’ + TOUR DATES


First releasing his track ‘All Too Real’ in August 2012 HARTS immediately gained traction with the killa sun-soaked track and accompanying video, now after a long-ass wait we finally have ‘The Music’ the follow-up song released by the Melbourne based electro-indie-monster.

Maintaining the same magnetism and energy that HARTS’ breathed into ‘All Too Real’, ‘The Music’ pulsates the same vibrancy and totally belongs to a party vibe. However, while the attitude is consistent across the two tracks, the songs both distinctly vary when it comes to the music and instruments that are employed to achieve this vibe.

While ‘All Too Real’ is definitely a summer  by-the-beach disco jam, ‘The Music’ is much more of a rock dance track. Opening with a mellow crooning vocal, the track then jumps head first into rock-ability with the guitars and drums moving to the centre. By pairing back the synths we are made privy to experience a greater diversity between what we have already heard from HARTS. While the song does still maintain the electronic sound of his previous work there is no moment more exciting than the brilliant guitar solo that hits midway.

Since August last year HARTS has been touring around the country in support of his music, in the process he has headline residency at Melbourne venue ‘The Toff in Town’, as well as strings of shows in both Sydney and Melbourne. He has currently shared the stage which the likes of Bertie Blackman, Boy and Bear, Redcoats, Hilltop Hoods, Battleships, RUfus, The Preatures, Pluto Jonze, and many more up and coming Australian acts.

But now that we are starting to hear more tracks from the guy it seems like HARTS has decided now is the best time to head out on his first nation tour, to show us all what he has been doing in Melbourne for the last few months.

Check out the dates below:

Harts - Offtime Tour Poster


Words by Luke