GIRLS: Episode 7 Recap

girls, hannah, peeing

Hannah takes a trip to the country and spends some time with Jessa’s somewhat dysfunctional family. There’s a possible deflowering, some family woes and a whole lot of awkward moments, while Girls stumbles slightly with the cliché ‘alternative’ family.

I don’t know if it’s the best idea for Hannah to not be working on her E-book that is due in less than a month, but at least this little adventure to the middle of no-where had her playing Jessa’s funny sidekick for the duration of the ep.

Ben Mendelsohn played Jessa’s absentee father while Rosanna Arquette played the girlfriend. I wanted more scenes with Jessa and her father but they were in short supply as we watched the girls go out on their escapades.

girls, ben mendelsohn, jessa, dad,

There were a few cheap laughs thrown in there, the fact they were eating the pet rabbit, Hannah peeing while an old couple watched and Frank’s demeanour was a bit cruel but allowed Hannah an avenue for another bad choice for a sex partner (Not Patrick Wilson, more the drug addict who lives below Hannah). I think these moments lowered the episode beneath normal Girls standards but let’s put that down to that fact Dunham wasn’t the sole writer on this one.

girls, jessa, ben mendelsohn, jemima kirke, dad

While Mendelsohn was convincing in his delivery, the whole swing set conversation didn’t have much substance. It was the same old distant father and resentful daughter talking it out, Jessa wishes he was there for her more, him still not having the right answers. This whole scenario ended up being the most beneficial to Hannah who calls her parents to let them know that she appreciates what they’ve done for her but they’re not buying it.

I enjoyed small moments in this episode, I fear that we won’t be visiting Jessa’s father again any time soon so it’s sad to know that Jessa isn’t finding closure in any shape or form.

Also, Hannah’s sex scene was so awkward…..

Check out the promo for next week’s ep below.

Words by Dan