GIRLS: Episode 6 Recap

ray, girls, alex karpovsky

This week GIRLS was about the boys. There were some clever insights and some underwhelming realisations.

Girls is one of my favourite shows on television, it’s the most consistent comedy I watch, but that’s why I’m so harsh on it when it fails me.

The episode started off with Hannah receiving some good news, she’s writing an E-Book!…in a month. It’s interesting that we haven’t really seen Hannah doing a whole lot of work besides taking some ecstasy and writing an article about it, but then again I guess I’d get bored watching a twenty-something year old sit in front of her laptop every episode. So let’s assume Hannah has been working her butt off in between her misadventures.

ray, alex krapovsky, adam, adam driver, girls

Adam’s back!

Ray ventures over to Adam’s house for some stupid reason, but  hey it finally gives us a chance to see the boys hang out. When Ray gets to Adam’s we find out that he has stolen a dog because he felt sorry for it, and because Adam is a good person who reacts instinctively. He always has the best intentions but they don’t always pay off, hence the nasty bite on his arm.

The boys catch the ferry over to Staten Island with their muzzled canine, Ray realises Adam and he are really alike, Adam thinks it’s because they both look weird (I lost it when Adam said this). We got an insight into Shoshanna and Ray’s relationship which hasn’t really had much air time this season. It seems like Ray is taking this relationship seriously but the whole situation is just making him more aware of his lack of accomplishments. I find this surprising since I can’t recall Shoshanna ever reaching any milestones except losing her V-card and having a full wardrobe. But then again as Ray pointed out, she’s very young.

ray, alex krapovsky, girls, adam, adam driver

I enjoyed seeing Adam trash-talk Hannah before verbally abusing Ray for bad mouthing her. The whole scene seemed to enlighten us on where Adam is since his break up with Hannah. He still seems to be in the same place he was before but with a heavy case of denial.

Now here comes the disappointment, Marnie and Booth. I enjoyed Booth’s appearance last season as the jolt in Marnie’s seemingly disappointing sex life, but his reappearance this season is becoming tiring. Other than the fact that there is no likable attribute to Jorma Taccone’s character, it’s worse that he is just making Marnie more pathetic than she is.

Marnie who was once this sophisticated somewhat intelligent woman has now – if I’m going to be frank – become a naive bitch. She’s been a horrible friend to Hannah and doesn’t seem to be apologetic for it, not that Hannah’s been the shining example of a reliable shoulder to cry on as of late. Then she engaged in what she thought was a relationship with a highly self indulgent artist who doesn’t give her the time of day besides when he’s about to mount her, but then breaks down upon realising this.

marnie, allison williams, booth, jorma taccone, girls

I feel Marnie’s ill-judgement has happened all too fast for someone who once seemingly had it all together, but maybe she didn’t and maybe Charlie was the reason she appeared that way. Also the attempt at humanising Booth with his tearful tantrum after the party was the equivalent of the bitch in high school realising her friends don’t actually like her, there’s no sympathy here for you.

I hope we get to see a little more Ray and Shoshanna now and hopefully a little more Adam too.

Check out a promo for next week’s episode below. (Ahhh! Ben Mendelsohn is Jessa’s dad!)

Words by Dan