LISTEN UP! Bell Weather Department ‘Voodoo Hoodoo/Hole In The Sky’


Take cover from the R&B and Pop saturated Grammy Awards with some homegrown Rock and Roll by listening up to BELL WEATHER DEPARTMENT‘s recently released double A-side ‘Voodoo Hoodoo/Hole In The Sky’.

Describing their sound as ‘kaleidoscopic rock &/or roll’  Bell Weather Department are not short on ideas. When ‘Voodoo Hoodoo’ opens there is a strong sense of machinery, or mechanics to the sound. This is then dispersed throughout the track, in amongst the traditional rock paradigm of the riff heavy guitar and drums. This is then accompanied by the lead singer sneering to ‘be original’ throughout the length of the tracks.

‘Hole In The Sky’, on the other hand, is a slower more melodic track where the instruments howl and the vocals coo. The focus however, is directed keenly on the brilliant instrumental work, as considering after the halfway mark it basically becomes an instrumental track. Yet, that is in no way meant as a dig, because of the two tracks ‘Hole In The Sky’ gets across a mood and an energy of a non-stop tenacity through the interesting arrangement of sounds.

Words by Luke Letourneau