LISTEN UP! Indian Summer ‘CANT SAY Live Mix’


One of my Purple Sneakers boss-dudes is in a rad group INDIAN SUMMER, they are Resident DJs at the Melbourne club CANT SAY and recently have recorded a live set exclusively for the CANT SAY Live Mix Series.

As Resident DJs of CANT SAYINDIAN SUMMER are one of the names that continue to embody all that the club wants to be known for. With their mixture of deep house beats, Hip Hop and and everything gritty and grimy in-between INDIAN SUMMER continue represent one of the many aspects that keeps bringing the crowds to CANT SAY weekly.

Rapturously energetic, this recorded mix feels as though it were specifically made for late night mischief, shameless dancing and the generally regrettable social behaviour that tends to occur when you have given up being a clear minded sensible individual. When you listen to this mix I to implore you that you are prepared for anything, because you never know where the mind and body will take itself when this kind of music worms its way into your ears.

Words by Luke Letourneau