PHOTOS: Katai Stienstra

katai stienstra MADE STATIC 1

It’s coming to the middle of the week, that stage where everything becomes harder – reading? Oh there ain’t no time for that, instead let’s just look at some pretty pictures by KATAI STIENSTRA.

These are works by Katai Stienstra, a Montreal based artist in her early twenties whose primary medium is photography. She has been exhibiting mostly in Montreal over the last few years, but thanks to a little continent defying thing called the Internet, I was lucky to stumble upon her works.

Of Stienstra’s photographic series’ the one that most captured my attention were her stunning work with collage. There is a beauty and luminosity to these pieces that transcends simply being fashion photography but evokes an emotional bond to land and nature.

katai stienstra MADE STATIC  3 katai stienstra MADE STATIC  4 katai stienstra MADE STATIC  6 katai stienstra MADE STATIC 2 katai stienstra MADE STATIC 5

If there were an artist that these images most call to mind it would be Sydney painter Del Kathryn Barton.

Del Kathryn Barton made static 1

To see more works by Katai Stienstra head to her website HERE

Words by Luke Letourneau