GIRLS: Episode 4 Recap

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Any time a well known actor appears on a comedy series, I know they are not long for this world. So was the case with Chris O’Dowd’sThomas-John, where this week Jessa and his relationship turns to shit.

Besides this whole predictable break-up, I admired how it was handled and enjoyed the developments in Episode 4.

So let’s talk about Hannah’s dinner party. Shortly after Elijah made his exit from the residence we have Hannah throwing a dinner party for all her closest friends, even if that does involve ex partners being in the same room, (not that she thought Marnie would show up in the first place).

I like the way Hannah has been written this season, we knew she was self-involved but Lena Dunham seems to be taking Hannah to a whole new level this season. She’s not concerned with two of her friends being put in an awkward situation and she’s not afraid to give up her loyalty to one of her best friends the second she is cornered with an ultimatum.

Similarly I am enjoying the way Marnie is being fleshed out this season, but this is more from the help of her surrounding company. We had Hannah yelling at Marnie last episode for being a bad friend and now this episode we had Charlie’s new girlfriend telling Marnie she is some ‘stepford psycho’. All these characters are drawing attention to all of Marnie’s characteristics we’ve come to know, but are not necessarily attributes Marnie herself was aware of.

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The whole dinner scene played out hilariously, a high point, when Shoshanna finally realised Ray had been living with her for the past few weeks. Zosia Mamet delivers every line with such naive conviction.

Jessa’s dinner on the other was a similarly a disaster but more for the fact she had nothing in common Thomas-John’s parents, except for some mutual flirting between his father and Jessa.

You could see Thomas-John’s face breaking through the entire meal with every word that left Jessa’s mouth. The difference in religion and opinion was certainly not the only problem this couple were facing. Their whirlwind wedding at the conclusion of Season 1 screamed trouble and we finally saw the climax of all those warning signs with a very intense and raw screaming match between Jessa and her husband.

jessa, thomas-john, girls, episode, four

Jemima Kirke can really sell the whole free-spirit vibe but she has now showcased her more emotionally dramatic depth to her acting that we haven’t really seen much of to this point. For a character that’s been so flippant for much of the show we got to see her  in her most vulnerable state in this latest episode.

The bath scene between Jessa and Hannah was sad, funny and convincing. You really saw two friends going through the motions and dealing with this breakup together and also dealing with Jessa’s snot in the tub.

jessa, tub, girls, episode, four

I’m happy Jessa’s short-lived romance is done, we all knew it was coming and it’s now time for her to move on (or move in, now Hannah has a spare room).

Check out a promo for next week’s Girls below.

Words by Dan