GIRLS: Episode 3 Recap

allison williams, girls, photoshoot, photoGIRLS hasn’t disappointed this season and this episode is right up there with one of my favourites, Hannah on coke and Marnie involved in what can only be described as a starfish sex scene.

Even though this ep was Adam Driver-less, it was still killer. We got to spend a little bit more time with Marnie than usual and we got to follow Hannah and Elijah on a coke trip (is that what you call a night out coked up? A trip?).

Marnie was revisited by Lonely Island’s, Jorma Taccone, who appeared earlier in Season 1 playing Booth, a confident and dickish contemporary artist that frazzled Marnie by dirty talking to her by a train station before she rushed into a bathroom and finished herself off.

It seemed like the perfect moment for Booth to reappear in Marnie’s story as she’s in some dead end job as a hostess and broken up with Charlie. I’m not sure if her encounter with Booth will spark her creative side once more and lead her to get back in a curating position. Either way the scene where Booth locked Marnie in his installation was provocative and visually intriguing.

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I’m not sure if the starfish sex scene (NSFW) that followed was meant to be pleasurable for Marnie, I assume not, but Marnie messaged Hannah as if she was happy afterwards but I found the whole scene hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

In Hannah’s world, she has been hired as a freelancer and takes her boss’ advice to do some coke and write about the experience. What follows is some hilarious scenes with Hannah and Elijah.

After Hannah secures the cocaine from her junkie neighbour below, Hannah and Elijah head out to a nightclub where twin DJ’s are serving up the tunes. Hannah contemplates having sex with herself, a dream and a nightmare of her own, swaps tops with a fellow dancer and shares a fun slow-mo party anthem with her ex-boyfriend, Elijah.

girls, ep 3, hannah, dancing, cocaine, cokeThis seemingly fun night all turns to shit when Elijah lets slip that he slept with Marnie which triggers Hannah to get angry, wishing she was Elijah’s ‘last’. It’s a weird situation for two friends to be in, your best friend sleeps with your now gay ex. Hannah chooses to be upset and marches to Booth’s house with Elijah and her downstairs neighbour, who they managed to pick up on the way (since that he was following them the whole time…).

The feud between Marnie and Hannah is very alive and well. Hannah’s coming from the right place with the reasons she gives but may have come on a bit strong, but let’s blame that on the coke.

I liked that this episode broke down Marnie from this picture perfect girl and maybe after Hannah told her she is a bad friend she might embrace a new perspective. Then again this show kind of works to the theory of everyone essentially stays the same.

We finish with Hannah heading home and sleeping with her junkie neighbour, let’s blame that on the coke too…

This episode had the perfect mix of drama and comedy and I thank the Girls’ team for a solid half hour.

Next week it looks like we get to see what’s going on in Shoshanna and Jessa’s world. About time. Next week’s promo is below.

Words by Dan