WEEKEND PLAYLIST: Straya Day Weekend


Australia Day (or more accurately Straya Day) rears its head again this weekend, and as those BBQs are cooked on, those beaches and pools swam in MADE STATIC is here to help with that other all important element, the music! So kick back and enjoy this playlist as you do what Australians do; drink!

Considering it is Australia Day we figure the music pumping from your speakers should be home grown. Also, the group of us have been listening to a diverse range of rock music, from sun-soaked pop/rock, to garage, to punk, so we though it best to get as most of that across as we could, because nothing is more boring than a playlist of same same same. So enjoy these tunes, and enjoy all your Straya Day!

Bell Weather Department ‘Voodoo Hoodoo’

Sea Legs ‘Will I Ever Learn’

Archers ‘Nero’

Train Robbers ‘Sun’

Broken Royal ‘The Swallow’

Toucan ‘Mr Television’

Battleships ‘As You’d Begun’

The Money Go Round ‘Yayaya’

Harts ‘Back To The Shore’