GIRLS: Episode 2 Recap

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The title for this show is just a word, it’s not about you, it’s not about every girl in the world. I think some people have trouble making that distinction. The opening scene to episode 2 of GIRLS reminds you it’s just a word and there’s no rules in this show, and that’s a good thing.

SPOILERS AHEAD, so catch up before diving in.

The second episode of the season starts with Elijah and George (now ex-boyfriends) fighting and breaking up over Elijah and Marnie having sex for about “three pumps” maybe “two and a half”.  I liked this scene because I hadn’t really seen Elijah as a main character as of yet, more of just a body for Hannah to bounce her problems off, but this scene was his own and it rounded out with the titles appearing, ‘GIRLS‘. I liked that moment, primarily because it solidified that this isn’t some universal show for women, it’s Hannah’s world and the characters in it. This point has been done to death by fans of the show but I haven’t really thrown my own opinion in yet, so there.

There were a few throw away moments in the episode, Shoshanna and Ray in bed was useless other than the fact they helped bridge Marnie looking into a different career path after not making a good impression on Lena Dunham’s real-life mother, Laurie Simmons, who made a special cameo as the uptight gallery owner. (Took me back to Tiny Furniture days). The other scene that didn’t really accomplish a lot was Marnie and Hannah’s conversation about Marnie’s new job. This back and forth continued that level of passive aggression the girls share that we experienced last episode as a result of last seasons amazing fight.

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Now I really enjoyed this episode for two reasons. 1. The Hannah/Sandy Break Up Scene 2. Adam Driver.

Let’s start with No. 1

1. The whole fight starts with Hannah having a problem with Sandy having not read her essay, only to learn he did and that he didn’t like it. Their difference of opinion turns to race and Hannah makes a throwaway comment about the number of African-American males on death row shortly before saying she doesn’t see colour when she looks at Sandy.

The break up scene is what I see as an indirect response to the ‘race’ or ‘POC’ controversy last season. Hannah said she doesn’t see race or divisions and while explaining herself cites a Missy Elliott lyric before claiming she doesn’t know who that is. Hannah is naive and human. She is harmless in her approach but doesn’t necessarily realise she can be unintentionally insulting to others in the process. I imagine this was a similar feeling Lena Dunham may have had after the controversy last season and her comments that followed.

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I also wish we would get the chance to see more of Donald Glover, I think Sandy works well as an opposite to Adam. With Adam, he is constantly questioning Hannah’s attitude and self-obsession, whereas Sandy is forcing her to look at her creative pursuits and opinions, political or otherwise.

2. Adam Driver is always entertaining as hell whenever on screen and this episode was no exception. Reaching stalker status now by sneaking into Hannah’s apartment at night with a key she gave him in the case of an emergency, results in Hannah dialling 911 before quickly hanging up. The police show up anyway and take Adam away due to some outstanding parking tickets and prior public urination.

While I love both of them screaming that they are going to get a restraining order against each other, I’m failing to see why Adam is still so obsessed with Hannah. I understand he is in love, but last season he was realising more and more what a horrible person Hannah could be and even last episode she was trying to get away from him while he was injured. I think we may reach a point soon where Adam may stop chasing causing Hannah to run after him if Sandy is out of the picture.

Also I’m aware I didn’t address Jessa, but I’m so confused what is going on there with her marriage, she can’t be as happy as she seems. I’m sure we’ll learn more soon.

Check out the promo for next week below.

Words by Dan