TIMETABLE: Peats Ridge 2012


PEATS RIDGE FESTIVAL are preparing to have an absolutely EPIC new years celebration, and after months of information being dropped here and there they have finally released their set times.

Set over 3 days, 10 stages and countless pop-up sites the Festival’s commitment to bringing people and artists together in a celebration of the arts, music and life has just one down-side, you aren’t going to be able to be 10 places at ones. So check out the full set list and start planning your days.



Children’s Festival

Children's Festival

Saturday 29th

Saturday 29th - 1-2 Saturday 29th - 3

Sunday 30th

sunday 1-2 Sunday 30th -3

Monday 31st

monday 1 monday 31st 3

Workshop Timetable

workshop timetable

For more information on Peats Ridge, or to buy tickets head to theIR website HERE

Words by Luke Letourneau